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frequently asked questions

Where are you based?

Solvi is run out of a garden studio in Kent.
We don't currently have a physical store.

What charities do you donate to?

Due to legal reasons we can't disclose the charities we donate 10% of our profits to. But they are smaller, local charities dedicated to helping people overcome their struggles.

Where can I read reviews?

I'm grateful that we have so many lovely supporters! You can read their thoughts and opinions on one of the following links:


Can I get my jewellery wet?

We recommend you keep your jewellery dry, to ensure it doesn't wear or tarnish.
Also be careful with perfumes, soaps, salt water and chlorine!

What does gold vermeil mean?

Gold vermeil is a form of gold plating.
The difference between the two?
For pieces to be classified as gold vermeil the sterling silver base must be coated in a minimum of 2.5 microns. 
This ensures longer wear, thicker gold and a shinier finish.

What does 925 sterling mean?

925 sterling silver is one of the most common metals used in jewellery production.
The number, 925, refers to the percentage [92.5%] of solid silver used in the production of the metal.

Who do you use for shipping?

We use Royal Mail for all orders.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We currently offer international shipping to all countries.

When can I expect to get my order?

We try to ship as soon as possible.
You can expect to receive notification of dispatch within 1-2 day[s].
If you're in the UK, shipping will take up to 3 days to arrive once your order has been dispatched.
If you're outside the UK, shipping will take longer.

I need to contact someone about my order...

You can get in touch with us here.
Or, send us an email at:

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