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Everyone has their battles, and as I get older I start to realise that's okay.

It's not what we're facing but how we deal with it, and [in society] mental health has constantly been swept under the rug...rather than acknowledged.

I've struggled with my own mental health from a young age, never really understanding why I suffered or what to do about it.

Now I realise this was because I was repeatedly told by those around me, by therapists and by the media that it was either

a) my hormones
b) just a phase
c) something to be ashamed of

This isn't something that happens to a few of us, it's estimated that around 30% of Brits suffer with mental illness, so why is there such little coverage?

When I decided to launch Solvi, I knew I wanted to do something different.

It's the same old story, I was sick to death of seeing photoshopping, filtering and faking it online and realised the only way I could change that was to break the mould.

By focusing on creating pieces aimed to uplift fellow sufferers of mental health and body insecurities I knew I could create an online community of likeminded, natural individuals.

But I wanted to go a step further.

How would my brand be any different? Exploiting mental health and insecurities is routine for big businesses, they create a solution to problems we didn't even know we had...

So instead, let's help those people.

That's exactly why 10% of all our profits are sent to mental health charities around the UK to aid individuals currently undergoing therapy and rehab. To create a change for those affected and by raising awareness for the vulnerable.

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