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Top 10 Pieces: Meaningful Jewellery Edition

By Libby Berman

Mixture of gold jewellery including chunky gold plated hoops, a female figure necklace and gold bracelets.

Jewellery is amazing, but meaningful jewellery is extra special. It's the perfect way to incorporate style and substance. That's why I've compiled a top 10 best-of-the-best list, including my favourite pieces designed specifically to empower the wearer.

Whether you're looking for meaningful necklaces for your girlfriend, gift ideas for granny or a little something for yourself - this list will hit the spot.


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Necklaces for Strength

Positivity Bracelets

Mental Health Jewellery

Earrings for Self Love



Necklaces for Strength

Gold sun tarot card necklace on a gold chain.
The Sun Tarot Card Necklace, £38

Featuring a tarot card style design, this is the ultimate necklace for strength. Dainty, but made with durable gold plated titanium steel, the Sun Tarot Card Necklace represents power and moving forward into something greater.

Model wearing a minimalist silver bar necklace.
Silver Bar Necklace, £40

The minimalistic design of the Silver Bar Necklace symbolises the strength to say no. Priced at £40 and made entirely from 925 sterling silver, this is a dainty jewellery lovers dream!

Gold necklace with rotating stone malachite charm in the centre.
Gold Rotating Malachite Necklace, £46

Featuring a rotating charm, modelled off the beautiful malachite stone, the Rotating Malachite Necklace is a symbol of growth and transformation. Malachite is known for healing emotional pain by absorbing negative energies into itself.


Positivity Bracelets

Pearl bracelet with a gold flower with t bar closure.
Gold Pearl and Daisy Bracelet, £35

Minimalist jewellery doesn't have to be boring, that's why I adore the Gold Pearl and Daisy Bracelet. With a fun T-Bar locking design in the shape of a daisy, this beautiful bracelet symbolises growth and a belief in tomorrow.

"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow"

Audrey Hepburn

A gold and black gemstone bracelet.
Black Gemstone Bracelet, £25

Formed of gold plated chain and black tourmaline-coloured gemstones, the Black Gemstone Bracelet protects the wearer by absorbing negative energies. It's the perfect pairing of positivity and style.


Mental Health Jewellery

A silver ring with two hands hugging or embracing.
Silver Embrace Ring, £31

Ring sizing for gifting can be a pain, that's why I love the Silver Embrace Ring. It has a unique, adjustable design and symbolises comfort, love and support.

A gold necklace with a female body pendant.
Gold Woman Necklace, £47

The gorgeous Gold Woman Necklace symbolises self love, acceptance and inner strength. With a delicate wave chain and at only £47 this tiny token of self appreciation is a must.

A silver bracelet with a letter charm with the word love engraved.
Silver Love Letter Bracelet, £34

Featuring a delicate 'love letter' on sterling silver chain, the Silver Love Letter Bracelet is a reminder that loving ourselves should be the priorty. 10% of all sales go to a UK based mental health charity.


Earrings for Self Love

Pair of gold plated sterling silver heart huggie hoops.
Gold Heart Huggies, £28

Made as reminders that self love isn't selfish, the Gold Heart Huggies will appeal to the minimalist jewellery wearer. Comfortable, lightweight and with that little something extra to add depth to any outfit.

A pair of mother of pearl charms on sterling silver studs.
Silver Single Pearl Studs, £19

Handmade in the UK, these delicate earrings represent the wisdom in loving yourself. The pearl has long been a symbol of knowledge and understanding, but the Single Pearl Studs add a little extra to this symbolism.


Final Thoughts...

Whether you're looking for a personal reminder of your worth, a meaningful necklace for your girlfriend [or boyfriend] or you're simply after some special jewellery these pieces should be at the top of your list.

All the jewellery mentioned in this post is from Solvi Jewellery, a small, woman-owned brand that donates 10% of all profits to a UK based mental health charity. Their aim is to make mental health non-negotiable and to break the taboo surrounding disorders that we often seen in the media.

Feel good and do good.

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