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Self Care and Societal Issues with Chloe Pavlou

This week I chatted with the incredible, Chloe Pavlou. Probably better known by her Instagram handle, Chloe runs her social medias [TikTok, YouTube and Instagram] simultaneously.

We spoke about her fave self care routine, the main reason for starting her pages and where she hopes to be by the end of the year.


Libby: Hey Chloe! As you know I found you through Instagram, are you active on any other socials?

Chloe: I have Instagram, TikTok and YouTube! Instagram is my main page but I'm really trying this year to be more consistent on all platforms!

L: All the best ones! How can people find you on socials?

C: on TikTok and Instagram and Chloe Pavlou on YouTube!

L: Is social media your main job? I can imagine it's a lot of work looking after 3 successful pages!

C: Yeah, it's my main job!

Chloe Pavlou Instagram

L: Do you have a reason for starting your Instagram?

C: I didn't see any one that was representing me on mainstream media pages. I was getting sick of the toxic celebrity culture that I was consuming on a daily basis so I decided to start a new account and start posting my outfits.

L: Love that, like they say - if you want a job done well do it yourself! What's are you hoping to accomplish from your pages?

C: I am just here to make people feel like they should love their bodies and I am doing that by sharing my outfits!

L: Do you have a problem with anything on social medias? What would you change if you could?

C: All the toxicity that comes with it. Really, it is a wider societal issue and pressure that we have created but I would love for people to see social media as fun and carefree!

Chloe Pavlou Instagram

L: What a lovely idea, it should absolutely be fun and exciting! Okay, what's one goal you're hoping to smash this year?

C: I'd love to hit 10k on YouTube before this year is over and also 50k on TikTok.

L: And looking to the future what would you like to achieve with your brand?

C: I would love to create a clothing collection through my socials!

L: Looks like you've got a lot of planning ahead! What's your fave way to unwind from all your work?

C: Having a cup of tea, washing my hair and having a full MOT shower, scrub and fake tan!

L: Sounds perfect! question! Gold or silver?

C: Gold everyday!!


You can follow Chloe's story by following her Instagram page [click here], her YouTube [click here] or her TikTok []

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