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Meet Robyn; the Instagrammer making women feel comfortable in their own skin.

This week I grabbed Robyn, better know as @midsizemillenial on Instagram and TikTok, for a chat about all things body positivity and her goals for the future. Robyn's feed is full of self love, midsize outfit inspo and positive vibes - but as you will read, Robyn's not always found self appreciation easy.

You can keep up with Robyn's story on her Instagram here.


L: Hey Robyn! Tell me, why did you start your page?

R: I started sharing content while furloughed in the first lockdown and it quickly expanded to a place to share my own body acceptance journey. I have always loved fashion (I studied it at both college and Uni before working in the industry), so it also became a place for me to share that interest and my outfits.

L: I love how your page evolved - what's the next goal?

R: From the start I’ve always just hoped that if I could make one person feel as good about themselves as they deserve too than I will have done what I set out to do. I have been to some really horrible places with my own body image and self confidence, so being able to help other women not feel that way fills me with so much joy.

Robyn Lynch, midsize millenial, blue jeans, pink cardigan

L: What a beautiful goal! On a personal level too, what would you like to accomplish with your page?

R: One day I would love to be able to do this full time, and be able to put all my focus on creating content!

L: The dream! So you're not full time at the moment?

R: I’ve recently made the jump for working full time alongside Instagram, to moving to a part time position so I can focus more on creating content. So far I am loving it!

L: What an amazing achievement! Fingers crossed for the future! Are there any major sticking points you've found with social media that you wish you could change?

R: It’s something that I’m guilty of doing too, but the comparison game. I always try to tell myself most people only share their highlights, which is why I try to share both the good and the bad online.

Robyn Lynch, midsizemillenial, colourful dungarees, wicker bag and white shoes at the beach

L: Such a refreshing outlook, it must be hard to be so open online - especially as it's not the norm...yet! Is there a particular routine you find that can help with all the pressure and work?

R: I have a bath almost every day. It’s the one time of the day when the world around me doesn’t matter and I can just spend a moment with myself and my thoughts.

L: You just can't beat a bit of me time! Other than a good soak, what's your fave self care steps?

R: I think self care can come in lots of different forms whether that’s a skincare routine or buying yourself flowers. The things that really changed my outlook however were how I think about myself with kindness, speaking to myself the way I would speak to a friend, and allowing myself a break when my body is telling me it needs it.

L: Something we should all think about, just a bit of positive self talk now and then.

Finally! Are you a gold or silver kinda gal?

R: I actually really like them mixed together, especially with rings! But always gold necklaces and earrings!


You can find Robyn's Instagram over at @midsizemillenial

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