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Mental Health Necklaces: My Top 5

What is mental health jewellery?

Made to encourage mental wellness and self love. Mental health jewellery is ideal for those struggling with their own issues, as a meaningful gift for a loved one, or just as a reminder of strength and positivity.

All the necklaces included in this post are from Solvi Jewellery - a brand dedicated to providing pieces for self love and positive mental health.

10% of all profits go to a UK based mental health charity.

My Top 5 Silver Necklaces

Silver necklace with a heart pendant made from shell
Silver Pearl Heart Necklace

The Silver Pearl Heart Necklace

This dainty necklace focuses on self love and appreciation. Complete with a heart pendant and chunky chain, it serves as a reminder that self love is never selfish.

Check out the Silver Pearl Heart Necklace here.

Silver necklace with circular pendant with inscribed rose stamp.
Silver Rose Necklace

Silver Rose Necklace

Featuring a rose pendant, this necklace serves as a reminder of the strength and power of the rose. Beautiful, but protected by sharp thorns.

Check out the Silver Rose Necklace here.

“As delicate as flower, as tender as rose petals, choosing to be tender and kind in a harsh environment is not weakness, it's courage.” ― Luffina Lourduraj

Silver pebble shaped necklace with CZ charm
Silver Self Love Necklace

Silver Self Love Necklace

The pebble shaped Self Love Necklace, bears the inscription: "I will love you more than anyone". Making it a delicate reminder to love yourself first.

Check out the Silver Self Love Necklace here.

Silver necklace with a molten bar pendant
Silver Bar Necklace

Silver Bar Necklace

Don't be fooled by the delicate design of this necklace. The Silver Bar Necklace actually represents your right to refusal. Sometimes saying no can be the best form of self care.

Check out the Silver Bar Necklace here.

“Saying NO is an art, master it.” ― Vikrmn: CA Vikram Verma, You By You

Silver necklace with a dainty heart pendant
Silver Heart Necklace

Silver Heart Necklace

The ultimate, self love necklace. Featuring a delicate heart pendant, this silver necklace is an easy reminder that putting yourself first is the first step to self love and care.

Check out the Silver Heart Necklace here.


As mentioned at the beginning of this post, 10% of all sales from these necklaces are donated to a UK mental health charity. This helps aid and support those going through their own struggles.

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