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Meet Solvi: The Brand Tackling Mental Health Through Jewellery

Started after losing her job during lockdown, Libby Berman's brand - Solvi Jewellery - is well on its way to becoming a front runner for body positivity and mental health awareness.


After becoming unemployed in 2020, this young entrepreneur used her creative spark to turn a passion into a business.

Libby Berman, 24, started Solvi from her bedroom in her parents house in Kent. Originally with the sole aim of providing affordable jewellery for individuals like herself, Libby's brand has evolved into donating to mental health charities around the UK.

Libby Berman owner lifestyle photo pig mug black outfit jewellery
Owner, Libby, at her studio in Kent

"I found that my own mental health took a huge hit during lockdown, I wanted to find a way to incorporate something I love with a goal I'm passionate about"

Solvi Jewellery now hosts an array of jewellery pieces designed to encourage self love, acceptance, rebirth and strength.

On top of this Libby pledges 10% of all profit made to UK mental health charities that support individuals struggling with depression, PTSD, eating disorders and anxiety.

gold plated necklace with female body pendant
Solvi's Range Includes The Woman Necklace for Self Love and Positivity

When asked why she wanted to donate, Libby said; "I wanted to go further than just providing symbolic pieces, I wanted to make sure that my jewellery actually does good and helps those struggling with their own mental health issues."

Her latest collection - aptly named, The Self Love Collection, goes even further.

"I think nowadays - especially with social media - self love, acceptance and transparency is incredibly hard. We see so many filtered and photoshopped celebrities and influencers. It felt right that my new range should push even further and donate as much as possible."

hand holding silver ring with heart band
The Self Love Collection Includes Dainty Reminders of Love and Appreciation

And, the goal for the future?

"I would love to make Solvi my full time job. I'm currently only working on it when-and-if I can, which is tricky! It would be amazing to get more support for our cause and find like minded people who want to make the world that little bit better."

You can find more about Libby's story here.

The full range of jewellery is available on Libby's site at


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