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Meet Jordan, the stylist turning heads on Instagram.

This week's chat took place with the gorgeous Jordan, of @jordanstyle_x [Instagram]. We spoke self care routines, goals for the future and why Jordan does what she does.

You can follow Jordan's story [and check out her new page] here!


L: Hey Jordan! I've been a long time follower of your Instagram page, but for those who don't know - where can they find you?

J: I'm on Instagram and TikTok! You can find me on either: Jordanstyle_x and Jordanstylepersonalstyling_

L: When you first started your page, what was the main aim?

J: I am head over heels for fashion and I am always getting asked where outfits or pieces are from, so I decided to create a page where I can post my OOTDs (outfits of the day) and it took off from there. I was so nervous to start with but everyone is supportive/kind! I have made some amazing relationships and had some incredible opportunities!

Jordan Style in black dress on decking by tropical water

L: I love your style so much, such a mix of girly, chic and minimal outfits!! Is this your full time job?

J: No I also have recently launched my personal styling business and I also work in an administration role as well as my social media running! Lots of spinning plates but I wouldn't have it any other way!

L: A woman of many talents! Tell me, what's the absolute dream with your social page?

J: I want to make women feel confident and hit the 'boss babe' vibes in what they wear and I feel so lucky to receive messages from followers saying they have bought an outfit that I have styled and posted and it's made them feel amazing! If I can keep doing this, that is enough for me!

L: How wonderful. I know a lot of people have opinions about social media, but what's something you wish you could change on there?

J: The pressure, comparison and negativity that comes with posting! Everyone is in their own lane, smashing their own goals which they should be proud of! It should be a place of uplifting and supporting one another.

Model wearing white blouse and orange skirt taking a photo in the mirror

L: Couldn't agree more! Okay, talking long term now - what's a big goal you'd like to smash?

J: I'd love to grow my styling business page, I had a busy start to the year so I am just in the process of launching this officially!

L: Oh amazing! Best of luck with your new page. With all these different roles what do you find is the easiest way to unwind?

J: I love the gym, I also LOVE anything music related so just chilling out and listening music, I am fortunate I live by the coast so beach walks are essential! Dinner and drinks with family and friends goes without saying!

L: Very jealous that you can go for beach walks! Do you have a daily self care routine that you find helps too?

J: Lots of water! Make up free days and a good nights sleep!

L: Can't beat an early night!! Okay, and or silver jewellery?

J: BOTH! this is tough as I LOVE wearing both! Sometimes I mix metals too!


You can discover more info about Jordan's new styling page here.

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