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Meaningful Jewellery: Why You Should Consider It

Updated: May 10, 2022

Four gold plated stud and hoop earrings in a models ear

Jewellery has always been a way of expressing one's self. It's the perfect balance of style and substance.

Worn by women and men for years as a way of showcasing wealth and status, it's now seen as a subtle way of showcasing your true self.

Meaningful jewellery comes in many different forms, including self love collections, positivity reminders and power pieces.

Read on to find out why jewellery with meaning is so important.

What is meaningful jewellery?

Meaningful jewellery comes in all shapes and sizes. From heirlooms to pieces for self love, jewellery that is special to some wouldn't mean anything to someone else.

But that's the beautiful of it.

Small tokens can be worn for confidence, power or as a reminder without anyone else knowing their true meaning.

1. The Easiest Confidence Booster

Whether you're a maximalist or a minimalist, there's no doubt that adding jewellery to your outfit gives any look a much needed pop.

Gold bracelets, chunky earrings or silver chains can add dimension, texture and movement to an outfit with effortless grace.

But, they're also incredible confidence boosters too! Choosing jewellery that not only makes you look glamorous but makes you feel like a whole brand new b*tch is the easiest way to elevate your mood.

2. The Ultimate 'OMG' Gift

Finding the perfect gift can be a nightmare. We've all been there! I've found mums, girlfriends or besties can be especially tricky.

Meaningful jewellery gives any gift that little edge.

Whether it's a piece for a fresh start, dainty earrings that make her smile or a pendant with symbolism of strength - they're going to love it [and you!] for the foreseeable.

3. Not So Trendy

We all know the detrimental effects fast fashion has had on the planet and people's lives. Shopping for long lasting, timeless pieces is just a small way of helping break the fast fashion cycle.

Meaningful jewellery is a brilliant way of buying pieces you can wear again and again without having to seem 'on trend.'

3 Examples of Gorgeous Meaningful Jewellery

Gold plated woman body pendant necklace.

The Gold Woman Necklace

  • Designed to represent self love and body positivity.

  • Made from gold plated titanium steel for long lasting, waterproof wear.

  • 10% of sales go to a UK based mental health charity.

Shop This Necklace Here

Silver plated flower studs.

Silver Flower Studs

  • Their dainty flower design represents a fresh start and rebirth.

  • Beautifully lightweight and comfortable to wear.

  • A lovely 'little something' to add to a birthday gift.

Shop These Studs Here

The Gold Self Love Necklace

Gold plated pebble pendant necklace with cubic zirconia charm.

  • Features the inscription: 'I will love you more than anyone'

  • Designed to reminder the wearer of their self love and worth.

  • Made from gold plated sterling silver for long wear and non-tarnish.

Shop This Necklace Here

In Conclusion

Meaningful jewellery is the perfect way to boost your confidence, contribute to the slow fashion movement and give beautiful gifts with strengthening stories behind them.

10% of all sales from the products mentioned go to a UK based mental health charity.

You can shop the full collection here!

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