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Body Confidence, Bubble Baths and Being a Bad B*tch.

Today I spoke with the wonderful Hannah Fox, the brains [and beauty] behind the TikTok page @savagehan [58k] and the Instagram page @confidencehan [11k] .

Find out why Hannah is so enthusiatic about spreading the body positivity word and what she's hoping for across social media.

Confidence han Instagram

Hey Hannah! You already know I'm a huge fan of your pages, your whole vibe and style is impeccable! But for those who don't know, what is it that you're hoping to achieve?

Genuinely I just want people to feel like it’s a safe corner of the internet where no matter what you look like, who you are, you can feel beautiful and accepted.

I’m not expecting to change the world (would be great if I did) but I do want to make at least one person’s world that little bit brighter if I can. Also we wanna be bad b*tches over here, that’s my goal.

Tell me more about why you decided to start your pages?

I had my page long before I advocated for body confidence, like every teenager has. I saw influencers living what looked like the dream life and I thought, that’s a bit of me.

Then as I got into it, I was struggling myself with body image when the pandemic hit, I posted a tiktok that was to help me more than anything, to remind me that I am worthy etc and a lot of people resonated with it and I thought, I can really help some people here.

So the motive changed from just wanting to be Molly Mae lol, to wanting to be the person online I wished I had when I was younger and actually making change and helping others.

If you could change one thing across all socials what would it be?

I would put a mandatory field before you post to declare if your photo has been edited in any way. As I think it’s fine to edit your photos, as long as people know that they are edited.

Confidence han instagram

Do you have any big goals you're hoping to smash?

My goal is to do this full time and help more and more people feel represented and seen, I recognise I am white, and on the smaller side of plus size (18-20) so I have areas I am privileged in when it comes to representation.

I’d like to use that to create an environment where I can help lift other voices and representations, so as many people are seen and heard as possible.

Love that! With all you work going into your pages how do you unwind?

I love a bath! Cant go wrong a bit of bubble bath, and my self care playlist and I’m set.

How do you pick yourself up if you're having one of *those* days?

I actually don’t have a routine per-say, but I do have things I do that bring me comfort.

One being watching a marvel film (Ragnarok is my go to), and again I have a bath, honestly brings me so much comfort and safety.

Can't beat a bit of me time! Okay, final question [for the jewellery lover in me] - gold or silver?

Gold all the way!!!


You can find more information and follow Hannah's story here

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