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about Solvi.

Solvi is a young, up-and-coming jewellery brand established at the end of 2020, by founder Libby.

The name Solvi was chosen due to it's translation in ancient Norse mythology - meaning strength of the sun.

Originally started as a way to provide affordable, long lasting jewellery Solvi has now evolved into a brand aligned with supporting individuals going through hardship.

Star Studs and Huggies Stylized.JPG

"self care and belief should be an integral part of our interior systems"

Solvi Jewellery Owner Libby Berman

To do this Solvi has pledged to give 10% of all sales to a UK based mental health charity.

Our mission is to show the world that mental health is non-negotiable. That self care and belief should be an integral part of our interior systems, with no compromise.

To fulfill this dream Libby set out to provide meaningful pieces, focusing on strength and understanding, whilst continuing to maintain the brand's original ethos of affordability and longevity.

Small tokens of progress and power interwoven with timeless design.

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Now you know the story
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